What Stinks in Virginia? Stink Bugs that Affect VA Properties

Most pests can be found throughout the United States. House centipedes, for example, are found from New York to California, as are most spiders. But there is one type of pest that is extremely prevalent in the Virginia area: Stink Bugs.

We have a lot of stink bugs here in the Gainesville, Centreville, Haymarket region. We’re surrounded by them. Not only are stink bugs more common in the area, but they also have a tendency to enter properties more, leading to further challenges. Stink bugs are a residential and commercial pest control issue, which is why it is important that they are addressed quickly and thoroughly.

Understanding Our Stink Bug Problem

Virginia – and the surrounding region – has a lot of different species of stink bug. More than many other states. Some of the stink bugs you’ll find in Gainesville include:

  • Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)
  • Green Stink Bug
  • Harlequin Bug
  • Spined Soldier Bug
  • Rough Stink Bug
  • Two Spotted Stink Bug
  • Kudzu Bug

Two of these bugs are especially problematic in the Virginia area: The Kudzu bug and the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.

The Kudzu bug is actually not part of the stink bug family, but is still a “stink bug” in the sense that it also emits a foul odor when crushed, and has been nicknamed “round stink bug” because of this smell. It is an invasive species and it loves to invade homes, making it especially problematic for those trying to avoid stink bug odor.

The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is also an invasive species. It has been thriving in Virginia, becoming a significant pest that has affected crop growth as well as the scent of homes. The BMSB is considered one of the worst stink bugs, as it can affect properties all throughout the year and leaves a very foul odor if mishandled.

All stink bugs smell. Crush any stink bug, and the odor will often resonate around your property. Here in Virginia, where we have over half a dozen different species of stink bug and several that invasively and aggressively spread in the region and love coming into human dwellings, these stink bugs can cause persistent odors that affect your quality of life. In some businesses in the region, they can affect your customer satisfaction as well.

Treat for Stink Bugs Inside and Out

Stink bugs are harmless, but they are an irritating problem. There is also no quick fix. What you need to get rid of stink bugs is integrated pest management, or IPM. IPM treats for stink bugs, and other pests, on the interior and exterior of your property. It also involves treating pests outdoors, sealing holes, and making sure that these stink bugs cannot get in and cannot survive if they do.

Since the biggest issue with stink bugs comes from smashing them, making sure these bugs die naturally can reduce the risk of the foul odor and make it easier to clean or vacuum them up. Overall stink bugs can respond very well to pest control treatments, but require a more comprehensive approach than some pest control companies provide.

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