What Makes Gainesville a Particularly Risky Spot for Pests?

ants in your garage

All of Northern Virginia has a high rate of pest activity. This is because the local climate is somewhat tropical in nature. The weather tends to be warm and humid for much of the year. This makes ideal conditions for many insect types, as well as a great environment for much of the plant life around Northern Virginia, to grow and provide hiding spaces for pests.

Gainesville has a few additional characteristics that tend to make pest activity more likely in the local area and are a good reason for local home and business owners to take additional precautions against pest infestations.

Why Bugs and Infestations are More Common in Gainesville

As part of the DC Metro Area, there are approximately 2 million living within about 30 minutes of Gainesville. This makes the area a decidedly urban one with many homes and businesses in the immediate area. These conditions are ideal for bugs as all the different properties provide abundant food for bugs to eat and plenty of places for them to shelter if outdoor weather conditions become too cold or wet.

But Gainesville is also one of the outside edges of this busy urban area. We have many expansive parks in the area such as the over 400 acres of Conway Robinson State Forest, Leopold’s Preserve, and numerous other regional preserves and local parks. Many of neighborhoods around the outside of Gainesville are also more rural with a vast amount of open and undeveloped land.

This combination of the urban nestled in a natural area creates the perfect haven for bugs and wildlife, leaving many local homes and businesses at risk for infestations. Many local pests thrive in urban environments, such as cockroaches, mice, and rats. They have numerous places to live and find food in properties throughout Gainesville. These pests remain an issue almost all year long and they can often form dangerous and uncomfortable infestations.

Other pests thrive in more rural areas but need warm places to shelter during the winter, such as stink bugs, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, and house centipedes. They can build up their populations in open areas during warmer months and, when winter comes, they can then easily move indoors and quickly cause an overwhelming problem.

The third type of pest that moves easily between more natural environments and urban areas also thrives in Gainesville. This includes insects like mosquitoes that need a natural setting to live in but rely on people for their food source. Gainesville’s location makes mosquitoes especially problematic in the summer when their populations can grow out of control at local reserves and parks and where their proximity to your home gives them easy access to bite your family.

Why You Need Local Pest Control in Gainesville?

This environment, while making Gainesville a beautiful and relaxing place to live without sacrificing convenient proximity to city life, leaves pest activity and infestations as one of the biggest challenges that homeowners and business owners in the area face.

In order to avoid the issues that can result from all of the potential pest problems in Gainesville, homeowners and business owners should have a plan in place for handling pest problems and a local pest control company they can rely on if challenges arise.

For homeowners in Gainesville, ExtermPRO is the leading pest control company. We use a two fold approach to get rid of rodents and bugs and keep them away from local homes. The first step is extermination to get rid of any bugs that may already be in your home or have overrun your yard.

Then we continue to keep pests away with ongoing pest control. This focus is on exclusion and eco-friendly treatments that will establish a line around your property that is impossible for pests to cross, effectively keeping all of the bugs that live in the surrounding areas from getting back into your yard.

As a local company, ExtermPRO is uniquely able to understand the past challenges that properties in this area deal with. Because we experience local pests regularly, we have also developed the treatment methods and training to specifically target the area’s pests and provide solutions against even the most aggressive of them. To get started with the best Gainesville pest extermination and prevention, contact our team at ExtermPRO today.