What Do Fleas Do in the Winter?

How This Pest Spends the Coldest Months

What Do Fleas Do in the Winter?

It’s always a relief to discover a pest hibernates through the wintertime to save yourself the headache of dealing with an infestation or exposure to a potentially dangerous disease. Pet owners, in particular, know the struggles of dealing with a flea infestation, so it’d be helpful if these parasitic bugs took a break when the weather gets cold. Read on to learn what fleas do in the winter.

What Do Fleas Do in the Winter?

While some outdoor pests do hibernate during the winter, fleas do not. In fact, this might be the time of year you’re most likely to find they’ve hitched a ride on your pet to come into your house! Their goal to survive the chilliest season (they can’t survive freezing temperatures) is to find a warm place to reproduce, and your pup’s warm body is an inviting place to start. Once your pet brings them inside, they will multiply nearly exponentially until you take care of the infestation.

Want to keep fleas away this winter? They are most often found outside in improperly maintained grassy areas where they can easily hide and hitch a ride on a passing animal. Your unruly yard or an adventure through the fields or woods may be the cause of your dog’s fleas. If you want to limit the possibility of an infestation, be mindful of where your pup spends his time outside and stay up to date on vet-approved flea medicine.

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