Plants Mosquitoes Don’t Like

And Other Natural Repellents

plants mosquitoes don't like

As much as you love summertime, you don’t like mosquitoes. Luckily, there are some things you can do so they don’t like you either. Did you know you can put your green thumb to good use and have plants mosquitoes don’t like on your deck and patio? Learn what plants should be on your list and find out other natural methods for keeping them away.

Plants Mosquitoes Don’t Like

Citronella: There’s a reason citronella candles are popular for the outdoors. The smell is an effective mosquito deterrent. Just be warned: you might not like the strong smell either!

Catnip: Mosquitoes are not a fan of the catnip plant. Your cats, on the other hand, might gladly take a bite and end up in a drug-like state.

Lavender: This plant is a crowd-pleaser for everyone except mosquitoes! You’ll enjoy the smell and beautiful purple flowers.

Lemon Balm: All things in the citrus family seem to repel mosquitoes, lemon balm included. This plant is closely related to mint and can fill a pot with beautiful, luscious greens.

Mint: Mint is an easy plant to have on your patio or in your garden. It is very low maintenance, growing like a weed without much upkeep. Plus, it’s edible so you can bring it into your home for drinks or desserts.

No Green Thumb? No Problem.

Get Rid of Standing Water.

Mosquitoes go to places with standing water because that’s where they lay their eggs. Take a look at birdbaths, clogged gutters, toys left out, planters that don’t drain properly, under your deck, the sandbox, and more.

Use Essential Oils.

Many of the same plants you can use have matching essential oils. Because mosquitoes aren’t a fan of scent, you can leverage that knowledge and use essential oils to make your own mosquito repellent. You can use citronella, peppermint, lemongrass, eucalyptus, and other fragrant choices.

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