ExtermPRO – Pest Control

Catching termites early and applying effective treatments is the best way to avoid the costly problems that termites often lead to. On the average, a termite infestation in Fairfax can cost homeowners $3,000 in repairs, as well as the costs of termite extermination.

ExtermPRO is a commercial pest control company in Fairfax that offers the most effective pest control solutions for local businesses with solutions that include both ongoing commercial pest management and rapid extermination if pests are present. Learn more about our Fairfax commercial pest control when you call us at 571-620-1168.

ExtermPRO is a local pest control company in Chantilly, providing extermination and ongoing pest control to residential and commercial properties in the area.

ExtermPRO offers ongoing pest control with different schedules to fit your family's pest needs and budget. Our bi-monthly and quarterly pest protection plans work against all the most common bugs and rodents in Gainesville and throughout Northern Virginia to help keep your home free of pests - with no monthly pest control service needed.

ExtermPRO is a Warrenton pest exterminator that eliminates pests with effective, eco-friendly treatments and provides ongoing solutions to keep them from coming back. If you have noticed signs of pests in your home, call ExtermPRO at 571-620-1168 to schedule extermination services.

Organic mulch - wood chips, straw, compost, and grass clippings - is as attractive for bugs as it is for plants, leading to concerns about bringing home a bug infestation in new mulch or attracting bugs with mulch. As long as you know how to prevent the risks, you can easily keep your home and yard safe.