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Storage areas can often be a prime location for pests. They are often dark, well sheltered, and, in the majority of homes, not frequently visited. The items you store there can provide ample food and shelter for several different types of attic pests.

The aftermath of flooding in the home can create the perfect environment for pests in Northern Virginia. As you are recovering from a flood, it is helpful to take these additional steps to prevent an additional pest problem as well.

One potential insecticide-free option for pest control is using sticky traps around your home. Sticky traps are a lightweight card that...

Going the DIY route on any home project can be an affordable way to complete work and to customize the job to your home’s specific needs. But like any DIY project, including DIY pest control, there is a risk of a project gone wrong that could end up doing more harm than good for your home maintenance.

ExtermPRO can get rid of drain flies in Gainesville and other locations in Virginia. We use eco-friendly and safe treatments to remove drain flies from drains or wherever else they might be active, and have solutions to keep them away for good.