Not Bed Bugs: Other Random Bugs You May Find in Your Bed

If you’re not familiar with pests, and you notice a pest in your bed, your first thought is likely fear that you have a bed bug. While bed bugs are a serious problem, and one that warrants worry, not all the bugs that you find in your bed are going to be bed bugs. Bed bugs are small, round, reddit brown pests. If you suspect you might have bed bugs, ExtermPRO is more than ready to help.

But you may find many other bugs in your bed, including those you’ve never seen before and may not recognize. If you find pests in your bed, and they’re *not* bedbugs, then they could be any one of the following:

  • Carpet Beetles – By far the most likely pest that you find in your bed that is not a bedbug is a carpet beetle. Carpet beetles come from outside, but they love to feed on fibers and other household materials, and both the beetles and their larvae commonly find their way into homes.
  • Spiders – Spiders seek out food, so at any moment you may find a spider in your bed. You probably recognize spiders, however. But there is one type of spider that you may find in your bed that only kind of looks like a spider. There are small jumping spiders we have in the area that can find their way into your bed. They’re harmless, but they can be a surprise.
  • Fleas – If you let your dog or cat sleep in the room with you – or worse, in your bed – then the bugs you may be finding are fleas. These tiny black bugs are great jumpers and while they do not live on humans, they are more than happy to live in beds and even bite when they’re feeling hungry.
  • Bat Bugs – These look and act close enough to bed bugs that they may as well be the same pest, but if you have bats on your property, you could also be seeing bat bugs. They are from the same family of pests and look nearly identical, but technically they feed on bats, not humans, and just happen to occasionally hide where humans are when they have easy access – like if your attic has bats with a door near your bed. You’ll need to address the bats if you want to address the bugs, but the bugs will need treatment as well.

Many other pests, like small beetles, may find their way into your home. And, of course, you may see pests you recognize – like spiders, ants, and cockroaches – that may also make their way onto your bed.

If you see only one pest, it’s not alive, and it does not appear to be a bedbug, then it may be a one time issue. But if you are frequently seeing pests around your home, it’s a sign that you need professional pest control. Learn more about our pest control services in Gainesville, VA by contacting ExtermPRO, today.