Natural Tick Prevention for Pets


Your pet is a part of your family, and naturally you worry about their health and safety. Ticks transfer illnesses like Lymes diseases and can cause fevers, anemia, paralysis, and even more serious symptoms. In addition to your vet’s recommendations, there are a couple natural tick prevention methods you can use to keep Fido safe.

Keep Your Yard Neat

Ticks love to hide in long grasses, fallen branches, and bushes. They hide where they feel safe, and latch animals and humans that walk by. Clearing out the clutter and keeping your grass at a reasonable length with regular mowing will reduce the number of hiding spots for ticks, and ultimately reduce ticks.

Be Mindful of Where and When You Let Him Roam

Ticks latch onto animals, and deer are often their most popular ride. If deer are frequent visitors to the field behind your home, try to keep your pet from exploring back there during the busy tick season.

While you can find ticks all throughout the year, May and June are the months where humans and animals are most at risk. You should always check your pet at regular intervals, but you should be extra-conscious during these months.

Call The Professionals for Natural Tick Prevention for your Family

Fur-babies includes. At ExtermPRO, we believe prevention is the key to pest control. In addition to using our eco-conscious products to provide a safe environment for your family, we search for areas of concern, like entryways into your home and spots in your yard that might attract ticks. Call us today at 571-620-1168 to protect your family.

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