Mouse or Rat: What’s in Your Home?


If you hear scurrying, find droppings, and start to notice a musty smell, you are probably dealing with a rodent. But how can you tell if it’s a mouse or rat infestation? Without seeing the critter, the two can often be mixed up.

Mouse or Rat? Ask These Questions to Find Out.

What does the nest look like?

Mouse: Found in warm areas like burrowed into wall insulation, near  a food source

Rat: Commonly found in the lower parts of buildings, and they usually stay within about 100′ radius of their nest.

What do the droppings look like?

Mouse: Small, about 1/4″, with pointed ends and left in huge numbers

Rat: Larger than those of a mouse, ½” to ¾” with blunted rather than pointed ends

What does the critter look like?

Mouse: Only a few inches long with light brown to black in color

Rat: About one foot long with grey, brown, or black fur

What are their movements like?

Mouse: Small and fast, and generally fearful of humans, so you’re not likely to see them

Rat: Clever and brave because they’ll steer clear of traps and have no problem being seen by you

Any other things you’ve noticed?

Mouse: You might find small holes in your belongs, including human or pet food

Rat: Dirty. They’ll leave greasy trails where they walk and have remarkably unpleasant, musty odor when they travel in packs

If You See Signs of a Mouse or Rat Infestation, Call ExtermPRO.

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