Managing Pest Control in a Heat Wave

As we begin to see the signs of another incoming heatwave, it is important to prepare and review what problems may occur as the temperature rises. Most of us do this naturally, by washing our shorts and t-shirts instead of our pants and jackets, or making sure we have plenty of water, or making sure our AC works. We do this in the pest control world too, looking for weather patterns – like heatwaves – that may affect pests in our properties. It’s useful for homeowners to consider how this weather may affect their household pest problems.

For example, by looking at the amount of rain we saw during the winter months, we can predict and plan for what is most likely to be season of pest problems. There was an increase in water and moisture, which means that pests such as bugs and rodents will find it easier to grow and breed this season. They found the nourishment they needed, so they won’t be going anywhere.

There’s also quite a bit that we can learn from the anticipated heat as well.

Should I Expect More or Less Pests When It’s Hot?

Hot weather is normally a bad sign for a pest’s survival, as most pests need to stay moist to survive. Drying out and dying is real danger for them in the heat. Unfortunately, heatwaves are also notably bad for homeowners, because – in an effort to survive – all manner of pests tend to find a way inside our homes.

Often this occurs completely by accident. They don’t even realize they’re coming inside. But the extreme heat causes their survival instinct to kick in, and this means that these pests sense cooler temperatures and look for ways to get inside of your home. Outside, more pests are dying, but to survive, more pests are going to find a way to get inside of your property.

In addition, during heat waves, WE are more likely to spend time inside. This means that we are more likely not only to have more pests in our properties, but also to see them, because we are inside more and less likely to be out of the house when one crawls across the floor. Even in the absence of more pests, you may be more likely to see pests, just because you’re inside more.

Protect Your Property

It is important that homes in the Gainesville, Haymarket, Bristow, and Centreville areas of Virginia have pest control as the weather warms up. Pests will continue to find ways into our homes, causing property damage and potentially spreading illnesses to us and those we live with. What may seem like a small infestation can quickly become a much larger issue if it is allowed to remain, so protect your property as best you can.

You can learn about your pest control options at ExtermPRO and schedule a free evaluation and cost estimate for the services you may need to get through this heatwave.