How to Manage the Different Types of Flies in Northern Virginia

There are hundreds of different fly species in the world and several different ones that can become a problem at homes and businesses in Gainesville. Problems with flies range from this pest being a nuisance to significant health risks as many species of flies are vectors for diseases.

Although you will likely see a few flies from time to time around Gainesville, especially in the warmer months, noticing a lot of flies in your home can indicate a problem. Here is what you should do based on the type of flies you are seeing.

Fly Types at Homes in Gainesville

Regardless of the species of fly, almost every fly feeds on the decaying organic matter. This often includes waste products, animal carcasses, or composting items like rotting fruits and vegetables. Any access to these items increases the chances of a fly problem at your property.

But where the issue occurs and the specific items that attract flies can vary by species:

  • House Flies – The house fly is the type of fly you are most likely to see if you have an infestation inside your home. This fly is about a quarter of an inch long and black in color. They feed on a wide variety of items that can be found around your home, including trash, old food, pet waste, and more. A significant challenge with house flies is that in its 20 day lifespan, a single fly can have over 500 larvae. These flies are a leading transmitter of disease, making it important to get them out of your home. Removing any items they might use as food is the best way to eliminate house flies, but because they breed so quickly and eat almost anything, professional pest control may be necessary if you have a larger infestation.
  • Fruit Flies – Fruit flies are smaller and have rounded bodies. They often get into homes as eggs or larvae inside rotting fruit, but they will also eat trash and sugary substances. Checking produce for any signs of pest activity or decay before you bring it into your home and tossing any items that have begun to rot is the best way to prevent fruit flies.
  • Drain Flies – Drain flies are extremely small flies with light gray coloring. These flies eat sewage and the decaying matter that gets caught in drains. They will often lay their larvae in drains and hover around openings as adults. Cleaning drains will help get rid of drain flies.
  • Horseflies – Horseflies are less known for spreading disease, but have a painful bite. The flies are large and black. They are also extremely aggressive and will often bite unprovoked. Because these flies are feeding on blood and pollen, they are more difficult to prevent around your home and the leading solution is to have ongoing pest control that will supply treatments to keep flies away.

ExtermPRO provides pest control treatments in Northern Virginia that work against all of these species of flies and more. We can keep flies away with our bi-monthly and quarterly pest control. If you already have a large number of flies on your property, we can identify the source of the problem and apply treatments that will exterminate them. To get started with fly control in Gainesville, contact our team today.