How Many Pests Live in Your Home?

signs of a silverfish infestation

When you are not seeing pests every day in your home, you may assume that you are not sharing the space with bugs. Unfortunately, this probably is not the case, especially if you are not already getting regular pest control at your home.

Scientists confirm what we at ExtermPRO have long observed that the average home in Virginia is home to 100 different species of pests. There may only be a few of each type of bug, but those few can also quickly turn into an infestation if bugs start breeding or the things that attracted them attract more.

What Bugs Are Typically in Your Home

To see how many bugs are in the average home, scientists went through a number of different houses to collect samples. They found bugs and spiders living beneath furniture, on window sills, buried in carpets, and in basements and attics.

Most of these areas usually go undisturbed for long periods of time. The average homeowner does not regularly clean them, creating the perfect environment for bugs with plenty of food and no disruptions. This is also why you do not normally see all 100 of these bugs in your home.

Of these 100 bugs, the majority are also not a problem if you have them in your home. They are not destructive, do not bite or sting, do not carry disease, or get into your stored food. You will not even realize you live with most of them, and they are not considered a pest.

But others are local pest species. Scientists have found, and our own experience providing pest control in Virginia has confirmed, that many homes in the area have a least a few of each of these bugs:

  • Spiders
  • Flies
  • Ants
  • Earwigs
  • Silverfish
  • Moths
  • Centipedes

One or two of these bugs is not often a problem, but it is a good choice to have a prevention plan in place to keep pest populations from growing and becoming an issue. Cleaning those often-forgotten areas under furniture and on windowsills, and vacuuming even if you do not see dirt, is a good first step.

Still, cleaning may not be enough to protect your home from the large number of insect species in Virginia. That is where preventative pest control from ExtermPRO can help. We create a seal of protection around your home that pests will not cross, reducing the chances that an infestation will get out of control. Let us share more about our pest expertise and outline our services when you call us today.