How Exterminators Get Rid of Flies in Gainesville

There are a number of ways fliers can get into a home or business. In the case of fruit flies, they could arrive on a piece of infested produce. House flies and drain flies house flies could get in through an open window or a door, and any type of fly could squeeze through a small hole or crack somewhere around your home. Flies can also find the littlest bit of food to feed on.

With all these different methods of entry, keeping flies out can be difficult and once they get inside, you need fly control solutions that can work against adult flies and eggs. This is why professional fly control often uses several different methods to keep flies under control in Gainesville.

Professional Fly Control Strategies

Fly control solutions will depend on a few different factors, and it is important to choose the one that is right for your property whether that is commercial or residential. An exterminator will also identify the type of fly and what is attracting the fly so they can take steps to mitigate it.

Using this information and expertise about fly control, a pest professional can adapt a solution that may involve:

  • Identifying the Source – Flies are attracted to decaying material. This can include food spills in kitchens, unsecured trash, debris buildup in drains, or a dead animal somewhere in the property. Addressing these issues will help make a home or business less attractive to flies in the first place.
  • Fly Exclusion – Exclusion closes off the entry points that flies can use to get in on their own. This can include everything from practicing regularly shutting windows to sealing up foundations, siding, and other places that flies are getting through.
  • Mechanical Fly Treatments – These are common for commercial properties, but can be used anywhere and are useful in both removing flies and keeping flies out. They include UV lights, sticky traps, and fans at doors. These solutions are often ineffective against a large-scale fly infestation, but can provide helpful ongoing control.
  • Fly Sprays – These surface treatments are usually employed against an existing fly infestation. An exterminator can apply treatments directly to the area where flies are congregating in order to eliminate them
  • Information – A pest control company will often share knowledge as part of treatment to give you tools that will continue to help you keep flies out after an extermination.

ExtermPRO offers fly control in Northern Virginia with solutions to remove infestations, and also provide ongoing pest control for flies and other common pests in the area all year long. We employ this integrated pest management approach to flies to increase the efficiency of fly control and avoid any challenges with flies becoming our resistance to different treatment methods.

This also enables us to customize pest control for your home and business. Contact us to learn about our different pest control options and get started with a free quote.