First Pests You See in Warm Spring Weather


The weather is finally warming, and although we are still seeing some rainy days and some cool nights, we’re starting to consistently hit 60 and 70 degree weather. This is when all of the plants and bugs that went mostly dormant during the winter really begin to grow and thrive, so of course, this is also the time period when you are more likely to start seeing pests.

Full on “pest season” doesn’t start for about a month or so. But if you don’t have regular pest control, you’re likely going to start seeing pests now and start seeing them quickly.

What Pests Are “First?”

Bugs are always around us. But many of them hibernate or are still eggs during the cold parts of the winter. That means that, once the weather warms, you are going to see some pests very quickly, while others need more time to grow.

Some of the pests that you’re very likely to see soon include:

  • Spiders – Spiders are actually one of the only pests that do not hibernate, and so you may have been seeing them all winter as they travel around, looking for hibernating insects. However, if spiders are unable to find much food available – and you have not already eliminated them with an interior pest control treatment, then they may have started a process known as “diapause,” where they essentially slow their bodies and wait around for pests to wake up. Warm weather is a trigger, so they are more likely to start waking up now.
  • Ants – Ants do hibernate in winter, and unlike other pest species, there are a lot of them. As soon as they wake up, they are hungry and ready to go back to work. That means that they may immediately start to look around for food and water, leading them into your home.
  • Termite Swarmers – One of the worst pests to see are the termite swarmers. Termites are active all year, including winter, but the swarmers – the termites that are looking for a new home and a place to mate – are active in spring, especially here in Virginia. You’re more likely to see them now, and they’re also one of the most terrifying to notice near your property.
  • Stink Bug – Stink bug season starts in March, and by April, they are already very active. Like ants, stink bugs also hibernate, which means that they’re already alive and full grown and looking for food.
  • Crane Flies – We often forget about crane flies as pests, because they don’t bite or carry disease, but these giant flying mosquito-looking creatures are profoundly active. Spring is one of their most active times, but this varies by region and temperature. In some parts of the US, crane flies are only active in fall, but in others, they are especially active in spring as they emerge after winter.

During spring in Virginia, all bets are off. We have a lot of pests here, and as soon as the weather warms, ALL of them are active. But some pests are going to be more active than others early on. For example, mosquitoes are awful here in Virginia, and will start breeding right away in March, but their populations increase slowly, so they are going to be at their worst by mid to late summer and early fall. But other pests, like ants, are ready now.

The best way to stay protected is to start eliminating and preventing pets now. Contact ExtermPRO today for ongoing pest control that keeps your property protected all throughout the year.