Does a Spider Invasion Require Professional Help?


If you see a couple of spiders, fear not! You likely are not dealing with a significant spider invasion. While pesky and sometimes frightening, it is very normal to have spiders living in your home. In fact, everyone does. They are solitary pests, and when you see one, it probably came in alone. Most of the time, when you kill a spider, you have one less in your house, and you can take care of them one-by-one by yourself.

A Spider Invasion Requires Professional Help When:

You See Dangerous Spiders

Common house spiders cannot/do not bite. But there are some spiders that can accidentally make their way into your home:

Black Widow- They are small- to medium-sized spiders that are shiny black with a globe-like abdomen. They have a distinctive red or orange hourglass-shaped marking on their underside. Their bites hurt and need to be treated by a medical professional right away.

Brown Recluse Spider- This type of spider has a violin-shaped market on the light brown or yellowish body. They avoid humans but will attack if they feel threatened. Their bites also need to be treated by a medical professional because they can cause lesions, nausea, and fever.

You See Many Spiders

This should be your most serious concern. Why? Because the presence of spiders can often mean the presence of other pests, and wherever the spiders are entering from, so too can other pests enter. That is why it’s important to contact a pest control company right away to find out if you are dealing with a bigger issue.

Is Your Spider Invasion out of Control?

Your local pest pros at ExtermPRO are here to help. We will do a full inspection of your property to get down to the cause of these eight-legged pests. Call us today at 571-620-1168.

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