Do Mice Eat Insects?

And What They Will Find to Eat In Your Home

do mice eat insects?

You don’t like having pests around, but with any luck, they do your home some good. Spiders, for example, are fantastic exterminators, eating other bugs. Can you count on rodents pulling their weight as well? Do mice eat insects?

Do Mice Eat Insects?

Yes, some mice eat insects, but not all do. In the wild, deer mice prefer to munch on seeds and fruit. They will, however, also eat beetles, caterpillars, grasshoppers, and leafhoppers. Unfortunately, the mice that come into your home are most likely not deer mice, so you can’t count on them for help with an insect infestation. If you have critter visitors, you likely have house mice.

What House Mice Eat in Your Home

Don’t set out the cheese to catch a mouse quite yet. It’s not on their list of favorite snacks. Mice are most likely to eat:

  • Chocolate (this is a favorite food)
  • Fruit
  • Seeds
  • Grain
  • Cereal
  • Dog Food
  • Baking supplies
  • Peanut butter
  • Other mice, if times are tough.

How to Keep Your Food Safe from Mice

There are multiple steps you can take to make it difficult for mice to nosh on your food.

  • Properly close and store all food in sealed containers. They don’t mind nibbling through thin plastic to get to a bag of food left in reach.
  • Don’t let them know it’s nearby! Be sure to sweep up crumbs and vacuum regularly.
  • Leave the lid on your trashcan.
  • Don’t leave your pet’s food out longer than necessary. Fido’s food provides plenty of the nutrients they need.
  • Be sure to store your pet’s bag of food properly. Leaving the bag open in the garage isn’t going to cut it. Invest in a sealed container.

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