Bat Season is Coming Up – Are You Ready?

We talk about a lot of different pests here at ExtermPRO, and the desperate need that many people here have for professional pest control. But it should be noted that, very soon, nature’s most effective pest control may become its own unique problem.

May and June is “bat season.” That doesn’t mean it’s a season to get rid of bats. Instead, it’s the season where you *cannot* get rid of bats, and they are most likely to enter your home and breed. By law, because bats are so important to the ecosystem, any bats that move into your property to have babies during this time cannot be removed under any circumstances until the bats and their babies have left the nest.

What This Means for Homeowners

It is because bat season is coming up so soon that it is critical to protect your property from pests now. You can do this through a process known as “Exclusion.”

Exclusion is the act of sealing up any entrance points that pests may use to enter a property, through a variety of tools such as mesh, foam, wood, etc. During this process, a trained pest control company, like ExtermPRO, reviews the entirety of your home and looks for any areas that a bat (or other pests) may enter. Assuming none are currently present, we then seal the opening, which prevents pests from entering.

Because bats are protected during bat season, the best – and possibly only – time to perform this is during the spring months, before any have moved in, and in fall when the bats leave the nest. We are cutting it a bit close at this point of the year, but there is still usually time to seal up the property for those that need it.

Long Term Benefits of Exclusion

Even if you are not worried about pests yourself, exclusion is important and has long term benefits. It prevents *all* pests from entering, so even smaller pests like spiders and ants will have a more difficult time entering your home. It also prevents squirrels, rats, and other animals that can often use the same openings.

So, while you may or may not be worried about bats, you can consider exclusion to be a service that helps with a variety of pests. Though no property can be sealed 100% due to the many different entrance points that may not be able to be sealed or may be invisible to the eye, those that consider exclusion can get better protection from bat invasions and the dangerous that they cause.

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