Are Spiders Bad Pests?

Or Do They Just Have a Bad Rap?

keep spiders out of your house

We understand no one wants to share their space with pests. But we have some news for you: everyone has house spiders. Yes, everyone. The Queen of England, your favorite musician, and your favorite home improvement star from tv. They are just a reality for every homeowner and business owner. So, are spiders bad pests? No, here’s why:

They eat other pests. Consider them your in-home, free exterminators! Their diet consists of other common house pests, like roaches, earwigs, mosquitoes, flies, and clothes moths.

They aren’t dangerous. They won’t bite you or your pets; their jaws simply aren’t big enough. Plus, they are much more afraid of you, so they will do their best to give you your space as well.

They can indicate a bigger problem. Once again, these pests rival exterminators. If you see too many spiders in your house, you might have an even bigger pest problem because they go where the food is.

Too Many Creepy Crawlies? Call ExtermPRO.

You might not have to worry about this eight-legged pest, but that doesn’t mean you’re willing to share your space with too many of them. We believe prevention is the key to pest control, and that’s why our Pest Protection Plan includes de-webbing, which discourages spiders from calling your home their own. Call us today at 571-620-1168 to get started.

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