4 Reasons You Have Ants

Why They Come Inside Your Home

Group of ants

One day, you see a lone ant wandering about your kitchen. The next, there are a few. And then suddenly you have a line of ants invading your home! What happened!? There are many reasons you might have ants, and some aren’t as obvious as others.

Reasons You Have Ants

There are crumbs on the floor. Ants go where there is food, and your floor or countertops might be the perfect all-you-can-eat buffet if you don’t sweep or vacuum often.

Your dishwasher hasn’t been cleaned recently. Ants go where there is food, and that includes your dishwasher! Food particles can get stuck in the filter, leaving ants with a solid supply of food. And, unfortunately, running the dishwasher won’t deter them; you’ll need to use ant bait to keep them away.

Pet food is left out. Don’t leave the kibble on the floor longer than need be! Ants will gladly take some of your pup’s food if they discover the bowl is constantly filled. Also, be mindful of the mess made in the garage when pet food isn’t stored properly or spills.

There are cracks leading inside. Search for the ways they might be getting in. Ants are tiny and don’t need a lot of space to make their way into your home, but you can make it more difficult for them by caulking cracks and sealing doors.

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